How to work with Airbnb

Why sell on Airbnb?

Airbnb are massive in the accommodation sector of the industry and having your experiences listed with Airbnb exposes you to any customer who has booked or even searched accommodation through their site.

Sign up process

  • Visit to sign up to become an experience host

  • After you have completed the registration process you will need to wait for an Airbnb representative to contact you regarding your eligibility

  • If successful, your product will be made available on the Airbnb website

How long it takes

Once you have registered to host an airbnb experience you will be contacted by a member of their team which could take weeks depending on the market and the experience. 

Speed up the process with Magpie

Add your product content to Magpie and share it with resellers worldwide including Airbnb.

How much commission you pay

Unless otherwise agreed to by the host and Airbnb, they charge a 20% commission (service fee)

How you get paid

Airbnb payout the day after you host an experience to the payout method you have selected in the Payout Method section. The date that you’ll get the funds will depend on your financial institution and whether the payout is released on a weekend or bank holiday.

Magpie Opinion

Pros: Airbnb is a globally recognized and trusted brand. They have access to millions of customers who book accommodation through their site. Commission (at 20%) is relatively low.

Cons: You have no control over the cancellation policy and may be liable to pay the commission even if you cancel the tour and therefore receive no payout for it. You cannot host non airbnb guests along with your regular guests, they must be on a unique experience or unique departure.

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