How to work with Attraction World

Why sell on Attraction World?

Attraction World offers theme park, attraction tickets, sightseeing tours and theater shows across 50 different countries. They allow for direct consumer purchases as well as travel agent offers providing a unique distribution channel.

Sign up process

  • If you would like to work with Attraction World start by filling out their quick registration form and provide a bit of company information.

  • Once you have submitted your registration form – you will be contacted by an Attraction World Account Manager who will give you the information needed to onboard your products from there your products will be made live. This process is manual and can take 2 – 6 weeks.

How long it takes

As the registration process and onboarding process are very manual, you can expect it to take up to 6 weeks to have your products live.

Speed up the process with Magpie

Add your product content to Magpie and share it with resellers worldwide including Attraction World Group

How much commission you pay

Expect to pay a minimum of 20% commission.

How you get paid

To be confirmed…

Magpie Opinion

Pros: Attraction World utilizes travel agents to book attractions around the world. This provides another distribution channel which is mostly offline, giving you a more diverse distribution mix.

Cons: Although Attraction World offers a variety of offers it focuses heavily on theme park and other attraction based tickets. Their process is highly manual so getting set up can take a while.

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