How to work with Groupon

Why sell on Groupon?

Groupon is one of the world’s largest local and mobile marketplaces, with nearly 50 million active customers. This reach is unique for operators to reach into and create diversity in their distribution.

Sign up process

  • To get started fill out the Groupon Get Started Form by visiting the Groupon Merchant page and clicking on the Getaways option

  • Once submitted a Groupon representitive will evaluate your information and reach out to if they are interested in your product offering

  • If successful, A representative will reach out to you to get the information needed to get your product onboard. This process can take 1 – 4 weeks. If you have questions you are also able to reach out directly by calling (888) 582-4354

How long it takes

The process of getting your products listed on Groupon can take around 4 weeks from initial signup to products going live. This is based on you being assertive when it comes to building out your products in the Groupon Merchant portal as soon as you have access to it.

Speed up the process with Magpie

Add your product content to Magpie and share it with resellers worldwide including Groupon.

How much commission you pay

Industry standard is 20% but expect to pay up to 35% depending on market and competition.

How you get paid

Groupon can payout via ACH or check, you will receive payment for each completed activity in 3 checks. One for 33% which is sent immediately after redemption, another 33% check 30 days after the travel date. A final check is sent 60 days later for the remaining balance the amount of which can vary as it takes into account refunds.

Magpie Opinion

Pros: Groupon is a large local distribution channel providing a different opportunity than the standard OTA. They can offer the opportunity for last minute promotions as well as standard product offerings.

Cons: Groupon is known as a discount channel so you can be prepared to put your best offering out there. Their process is also very manual.

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