How to work with Headout

Why sell on Headout?

In destination, on mobile is fast becoming the most popular way for customers to book tours and activities. Headout has focused on the mobile experience, keeping the customer engaged on their product journey all the way through to the purchase.

Sign up process

  • Visit the Headout Sign up Page and complete the application

  • Headout will consider the product offering, reviews, price competitiveness and more.

  • If your application is successful, you submit additional details and then the creation of experience listings can begin!

How long it takes

It can take a few weeks for Headout to review your application submission and respond if you have been accepted or not. If accepted you will need to manually build out your products on their partner hub which can be very time consuming.

Speed up the process with Magpie

Add your product content to Magpie and share it with resellers worldwide including Headout.

How much commission you pay

Headout commission can range from 25-30% depending on a number of factors.

How you get paid

Headout has both monthly and bi-weekly payout options upon invoicing for the previous months redemptions.

Magpie Opinion

Pros: Great mobile customer experience.

Cons: They offer a limited number of destinations at this time but are expanding rapidly.

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