How to work with Tripadvisor

Why sell on Tripadvisor?

Tripadvisor / Viator have direct access to more than 200,000 bookable activities, they are the largest tours & activities reseller in the business. They are focused solely on the tours & attractions business which allows for a great understanding of our industry. The benefit for working with Trip Advisor/Viator is that you are represented on both sites but only have to manage one account.

How much commission you pay

Your commission level is dependent on your experience type and the market you operate in. In general you can expect to pay 20-35% in commission.

Magpie Opinion

Pros: Tripadvisor / Viator is the industry leader in the tours and activity industry and is a robust company to work with. They have worldwide distribution and their review platform has made them the go to website when looking at the quality of experiences. They consistently rank top organically for most destination travel search terms.

Cons: The time needed to manage your products via their portal can be lengthy and extremely time consuming.

Sign up process

  • Start by heading to Tripadvisor to create your company listing

  • Enter your details to create a new listing or login if you already have one.

  • Once you are logged in you are first required to complete your banking, tax, and payment information on the payment details page of the portal

  • Create products at your own pace through their supplier portal. You are able to publish once completed. The average length of time needed to build one product is on average 2 hours.

How long it takes

The process of signing up with Tripadvisor to sell your tours and activities can be relatively quick if you are a small operator. The process is mostly hands off on the Tripadvisor side, so the time it takes is in your own hands. Based on our own experience it takes approximately 2hrs to fully build out each product on their platform.

How you get paid

You can be paid weekly via PayPal or monthly into your bank account via direct transfer. Payoneer is also available for Brazilian real or Indian rupee. Tripadvisor currently pay in 16 currencies and plan to add more in the future.

Tripadvisor Experiences sends out payments each month via direct deposit. The standard payment schedule is based on the customer’s month of travel. Payments are typically made within 21 business days after the end of the settlement period.

Speed up the process with Magpie

You can make the process of providing the following information quicker with the Magpie Platform

  • Descriptions of each of your products
  • High-definition product imagery
  • Retail product rates
  • Company contact information
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