How to work with Tripster

Why sell on Tripster?

Tripster offers travel suppliers a new revenue stream by placing their products into an interactive destination-specific booking engine that will both promote their products individually, as well as the destination as a whole. Subsequently, their products will also become available through our expansive distribution network. Tripster also offers a variety of reservation solutions for a travel supplier’s proprietary website.

How much commission you pay

Tripster provides for a provider to enter net and retail rates. They earn commission from an agreed upon percentage from the retail or sell price the supplier posts. 

Magpie Opinion

Pros: Tripster is a great mid-scale OTA that provides another avenue for operators within the US offering a variety of tours, attractions and shows.

Cons: Their focus is only in the US so operators outside of the US are not applicable.

Sign up process

  • Tripster simply have a registration page that creates a login.

  • A representative will reach out to you usually within 1 business day
  • If successful, the operator will build their products in their online portal

How long it takes

Tripster aims to get products live in most cases, within a week so long as they are in their already established market areas. If outside that, they can still explore it, it just may not publish as quickly. Delays may come from integration if the provider uses third party channel management, etc

How you get paid

Tripster’s standard arrangement is net, post consumption. The operator will simply generate an invoice from within the Tripster portal at whatever frequency desired, and payment is made thereafter within 30 days.