Magpie has integrated some of the most powerful AI tools in the world to bring some amazing features to our platform. With direct connections into Open AI with its ChatGPT and Whisper tools as well as Anthropic and Google’s Text to Speech API we are able to offer our customers features to rewrite content, analyze reviews, translate product content and have a B2B chat assistant that can speak multiple languages.

AI Assistant

Our AI assistant is training specifically on Experiences industry information. You can use it for an unlimited number of tasks, from creating a marketing plan, to coming up with new product or promotion ideas, or even to create social media posts for you.

Content Optimizer

Create better content at the click of a button or simply get some inspiration to get you started with our content optimizer.
We take all product fields you have, fill the gaps, and create full descriptions, highlights and everything else you need both for resellers, and to maximize conversions on your own website.

Review Responder

The Magpie Review Responder will provide you with suggested responses to your online reviews for Google, Viator and Tripadvisor).
You choose good examples (or create new examples) from your previous responses to both good and bad reviews. Magpie will take the current review, and create 3 suggested responses, using your chosen voice and tone. Simply choose one, edit if you like, and click send.

Review Analysis

Magpie imports reviews from Google, Tripadvisor, Viator, Expedia and GetYourGuide. Choose how many reviews you want to analyze, filter them by product, source, rating and date-range, and then ask any question you like. You can ask it for mentions of employee names, look for common problems, find new trends, or look for potential product improvements. There is a lot of hugely valuable data in your reviews, but until now, it’s been very difficult to extract the insights you need.

Language Translations

Using Magpie’s translation tool you can translate your product content into multiple languages in a matter of minutes. It’s really as easy as that – choose your languages (83 languages available), and click. We translate / rewrite all of your fields and save it as a ‘language’ version of that product.

Audio presentations

Create fast summaries of your products to share as audio files. This is useful particularly B2B, where you can use audio files for agent training.
You can use auto-generated product summaries, or create your own. Translate to up to 83 languages – then click to create an audio-file in that language.

POI Finder

Improve your Google Things to do listings with our POI finder. This tool identifies Google Places POIs that you can add to your listing as well as recommending other POIs nearby which can help with your SEO.

FAQ Creator

Create Frequently Asked Questions for your products. These can be generated from your product content, reviews, or both. FAQs are an excellent way to reduce customer service issues. They are also required for chatbot solutions.

Writing Suggestions

This tool looks at your entire product, and generates suggestions on how to improve the writing style or content to maximize clarity and conversion. It also looks for conflicts – areas where two or more parts of the content might be incorrect or cause confusion.

Generative AI

Magpie will continue to create tools with the latest developments in Generative AI. We use different models, depending on the task, but most of our tools are built with the GPT4 API. Very soon, we expect to see the first image tools ready for production.