Magpie Accelerator Program

For operators experienced in distribution

Magpie will be taking a select group of Experience Operators know all about distribution and resellers, but are looking to grow the channel further and find new partners. The program will help Operators:

  • Create a single source of truth for their product content and images
  • Optimize their product content for maximum exposure & conversion
  • Connect with the latest, up and coming industry partners

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The program is free, but… we have expectations. Participants should:

  • Have Experience products currently operating and available for distribution
  • Be currently motivated to maximizing distribution channels
  • Have a long term view on distribution & the willingness to communicate with resellers
  • Understand industry-standard commission levels
  • Commit to 1-2 calls / month to discuss needs and progress
  • Be willing to use Magpie platform for product sharing on a regular basis