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Share product information

The share products feature announcement type let’s you send product information to resellers you are connected with as well as any email address you want to send to. To start sharing, click on the Share Product button at the top of your product list. If you do not see the button it is because you have not set any products to Active.


Next, type in the email addresses of the people you want to share with.


The next step is to select the products you would like to share. You can select all at the top if you would like to send all of your products. For companies with large product portfolios you can use the search function to find the products you want to share.


When you have finished selecting the products you want to share, you can add a message. We have created an automatic message but feel free to add a more personalized one.


On the right side of the page you will see a summary of the announcement you are about to send detailing who will receive it, which products are being shared and the message that will be sent.


If you are satisfied with all of the information, click on Preview and you will see what your partners will receive. Click on Send Email at the top to complete the process and share your products.