ChatGPT for the Travel Industry

Magpie recently released a new Product Optimization Tool.
Early results have been fantastic, and we’re open to operators to come and test in with us.

How it works

The tool uses an integration with OpenAI (producers of ChatGPT) to take your product content and re-write it to match the industry standard formats, trained using the large amount of data that Magpie already stores and manages.

A very minimum starting point is needed (a product name, and short description paragraph or keywords).

This can create a well written complete product page, with sections including:

– Product Name
– Summary
– Description
– Highlights
– Inclusions
– Exclusions
– Know Before You Book
– Know Before You Go

After that, you can continue to tweak it or regenerate it using a different tone, target audience, keywords and other factors. Next up is a full translation service.