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Google Things to do

Google Things to do

Google Things to do is the latest addition to the Google Travel portfolio. It aims to do for the Tours and Activities industry what it has already done for Flights and Hotels by making it easier for users to find bookable experiences based around Points of Interest (POIs). As an official connectivity partner, Magpie can help you get everything set up to maximize your exposure and direct traffic and keep you up to date  and compliant with new features as the program evolves. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Google Things to do article for the most up to date information.

Why use Magpie?

  • Direct traffic and bookings
  • No limit on Points of Interest (POIs)
  • No commission
  • No contract
  • No booking fees
  • Company name and branding displayed
  • Enhanced Google Ads features including Ad Carousel
Google Things to do

Google Things to do for Tour Operators

Google had recently launched it’s Google Things to do Operator Booking Module is another surface of it’s ever expanding Google Things to do program (read more about surfaces on our Ultimate Guide to Google Things to do). The module appears on the Google Business profiles of experience operators who are participating in Google Things to do with a connected partner. Make sure you have the “Official Site” tag on your own Google Business Profile with Magpie.

Currently the module only appears on mobile search but we expect it will expand into Google Maps soon.

Benefits of using Magpie:

  • Full control over your listings
  • Links directly to your website, not your ResTech so you get the traffic
  • Add Points of Interest for better exposure
  • Add trackable links for Google Analytics
  • Access to Things to do Ads (more info below)
Google Things to do Attractions

Google Things to do for Attractions

Google Things to do Attractions

The Admissions section is where direct entry tickets to attractions are listed. You can be listed in this section so long as the product you are selling is a ticket to the attraction only (multi-attraction passes are also eligible). When a user searches for an attraction either on Google Search or on Google Maps (currently only on ios), they will see a Tickets button which lists the different companies offering tickets to that attraction.

The Official Site listing is reserved for the attraction owner and Magpie can help you take control of that listing with enhanced features over the the auto generated listing including:

  • Higher ranked listing in many cases
  • Ability to add multiple ticket options
  • Trackable links
  • Access to Google Things to do Ads (more info below)

Google Things to do Experiences

Google Things to do Experiences

The Experiences section is where you will find walking tours, hop-on hop-off sightseeing, bike tours and other experiences that are more than just an entry ticket to an attraction. You add your products to Magpie, select the Points of Interest (POI) that are visited as part of the experience and we get those products displayed in the experiences section of eligible POIs.

The user can then click on your product to see the information you have submitted (Description, Highlights, Inclusions etc.) and then click directly to your website product page to make a booking.

Benefits of using Magpie:

  • Full control over your listing
  • No limit on Points of Interest
  • Trackable links
  • Access to Things to do Ads (more info below)
Google Things to do Experiences
Google Things to do Ads

Google Things to do Ads

Google Things to do Ads

When you list your products on Things to do with Magpie you will also have the ability to be featured on Things to do Ads placements. This includes the carousel that can be seen at the top of many search results for Points of Interest as well as popular search terms like “Things to do in [your city]” and ” [your city] tours”.

Ads are managed in your regular Google Ads account and Magpie is happy to work with your team or agency to get your products featured. This has been very successful for our partners so far and is available to both Attraction and Experience operators.


In order to get your products listed, you must to be registered with an approved connectivity partner who will get your content ready and upload it to Google servers. Magpie is approved and already uploading our users’ information.

Whether your experience is a Points of Interest (POI) such as a museum or zoo or you visit POIs like parks or town squares as part of your experience, you will have an opportunity to have your products displayed when people search or click on Google POIs both in Google search and in Google Maps. There are also opportunities to have your products featured on the Things to do Ads carousel at the top of results for popular search terms.

Reserve with Google was powered by selected OTA and Reservation Technology companies and the booking happened in the Google environment, often ending up with Experience operators paying a commission. Connecting to Google Things to do through Magpie takes customers directly to your own website to complete their booking, so there is no commission to pay, and no middleman. You get the bookings directly, and you keep all the money.

The “Official Site” tag is reserved for fixed location attractions such as Zoos, Theme Parks, Museums etc. and can only be claimed by the official ticket source. Magpie can ensure your listings have the tag if you meet that criteria.

You can see our pricing plans above. We have different pricing tiers to suit your business and will work with you to find a price that works.

This program is very new and will no doubt evolve over time. Magpie will make sure you are in the best position to evolve with the program and keep you up to date with any opportunities that arise to help you increase your direct traffic.

Google has been successful in flights and hotels, and we expect this program to be an expanding part of their various travel products.

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