Google Things-to-do

Magpie is now an Approved Connectivity Partner of Google for their new Things-to-do program..

As an approved connectivity partner, Magpie will enable direct participation in Things-to-do Search, including displaying your product information and correct booking links on Google search. We will help you get everything set up to maximize your exposure and traffic through Google.

  • Direct bookings
  • No commission
  • No contract
  • No booking fees
  • No cost per click

Frequently asked questions

Things-to-do is a new program by Google aimed at creating a better direct connection between customers and operators of experiences.

Reserve with Google was powered by selected OTA and Reservation Technology companies and the booking happened in the Google environment, often ending up with Experience operators paying a commission. Google Things-to-do takes customers directly to your own website to complete their booking, so there is no commission to pay, and no middleman. You get the bookings directly, and you keep all the money.

Much of Google Things-to-do will be built around Points of Interest (POIs) (e.g. Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Central Park). Whether your experience is a POI in itself or you visit POIs as part of your experience, you will have an opportunity to have your products displayed when people search or click on Google POIs. There are also opportunities through Google Ads to have your products featured on the Ads Carousel at the top of Google Search results.

The “Official Site” tag is reserved for the actual experience operator. Magpie can ensure your listings have the tag if you meet that criteria.

In order to get your products listed with the Google Things-to-do program, you need to be registered with an Approved Connectivity Partner who will get your content ready and upload it to Google servers. Magpie is approved and already uploading our users’ information to Google.

Magpie is offering the Google Thing-to-do feature FREE with unlimited POIs until the end of 2021 at which time it will be included in our Premium Subscriptions which come with lots of other tools to manage and distribute your product content. You can also choose to remain on a free account but you will be restricted to 3 POIs per product, and some other limitations.

Google Things-to-do is brand new and will no doubt evolve over time. Magpie will make sure you are in the best position to evolve with the program and keep you up to date with any opportunities that arise to help you increase your direct traffic.

Google has been VERY successful in flights and hotels, and we expect this program to be an expanding part the various Google platforms.  

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