Rich product content to improve your customer experience.

Efficient content automation tools to optimize costs.

Rich, accurate, high quality content is essential to your customer experience. With Magpie, we do the heavy lifting to provide tour and activity products in a universal, standardized structure. From powerful descriptive content, to the nuts-and-bolts operational content you need to build a world class customer offering.

All delivered through an automation platform to minimize manual labor and improve efficiency.

Rich descriptive content.

Differentiate your customer experience with powerful descriptive content and imagery.

  • Multiple descriptions fields, plus the ability to request unique content

  • Highlights, inclusions, exclusions and more

  • Operator supplied imagery

Detailed operational and booking content.

On-demand access to complete, detailed and up-to-date operational content.

  • Start points, addresses, operating times,
  • Pricing, voucher, cancellation, ticketing.
  • FAQs, know before you go, know before you book.

…over 100 standard fields. If it isn’t in Magpie, you probably don’t need it.










Advanced product management features.

Access content in the right format for your business.

  • See what’s changed. Get notifications and track changes for updated products

  • Get custom rates and pricing from Operators

  • Get notified of Operator promotions

  • Automate your content submission – your own co-branded Product Onboarding Platform

Read more about our Product Onboarding Platform agreement with Headout


  • Universal content format. Every supplier and product in the same, standardized format.

  • Multiple formats to match your process – from full-feature REST APIs to standardized text document downloads. Automated extranet integration on request.

Why Magpie?

Reduce admin overhead

Increase automation. Reduce staffing costs. Reduce admin overhead. No back and forth to get products live, just distribution-ready content at your fingertips.

Low startup effort

Choose the integration type that suits your business and process. Keep it simple with standardized, complete text document downloads, or opt for API integration.

Differentiate your customer experience

Magpie’s rich and accurate content gives you the flexibility to improve your offering, and create the customer experience you always dreamed of.

Expand your product range

Search and access the growing list of global Magpie operators to find new content.

Faster time to market

Live access to new products and product updates the minute they’re available.

Improve conversion

Correct content = happier customers. Rich content = better conversion.

How much is managing content costing you?

To maintain 10,000 products, and add 5,000 new products costs ~$1.2m each year. Want to see the numbers?

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