The Problem

Resellers spend way too much time and resources gathering and rewriting product content, increasing costs and slowing down product launches. This is frustrating for both the reseller and their suppliers.

You receive

  • Incomplete product content
  • Poorly written descriptions
  • Low resolution & poor quality images
  • Mixed media formats (pdf, csv, word, dropbox, google drive etc)
  • Content not structured to fit the output needed
  • Inconsistent updates.

Resulting in:

  • A complicated, manual, expensive workflow
  • Long delays in launching new products
  • Lower than optimal conversion rates
  • Mistakes – leading to customer service issues
  • Out-of-date content

Manual work still required:

  • Source additional information – mostly email
  • Rewrite content for tone / uniqueness
  • Translate content
  • Review finished product
  • Add marketing tags
  • Add sort/filters

More staff spending time on content

The Solution

Magpie can provide you with robust and up to date content making it faster to get products to market. This reduces the time staff spend on rewrites, freeing them up to work on more useful tasks.

Manual work still required:

  • Review finished product
  • Add marketing tags
  • Add sort/filters

Less staff spending time on content

We have multiple content solutions to meet your needs

Optimized Product

A complete, accurate, high quality version of the product

Unique Versions

Rewritten content – to match your brand’s tone / voice

Customized Output

To match the field format of your own company CMS


Up to 36 different language versions available

Convenient Delivery

Automated API delivery process or manage manually in platform

Live updates

Turn on live updates to have the most up to date content at all times