Google Things to do Operator Booking Module

Google launched it’s Google Things to do Operator Booking Module last week which is another surface of it’s ever expanding Google Things to do program (read more about surfaces on our Ultimate Guide to Google Things to do). The module appears on the Google Business profiles of experience operators who are participating in Google Things to do with a connected partner like Magpie.

Currently the module only appears on mobile search but we expect it will expand into Google Maps soon.

How do I find it?

Search your company name and look for the Official Google result, it will normally have a thumbnail like in the first image below. Then you can either scroll down until you see the Booking Options section as displayed on the second image or click on the Prices button shown in the third image below.

Can’t see it on your Google Business Profile?

There are a few reasons you may not be able to see it on your Google Business Profile:

  • You are not working with a connected partner, that’s an easy fix, just get in touch with us.
  • Your ResTech is powering your Google Things to do feed and they have not set it up properly.
  • You do not have a physical location. Google Things to do does not work with Business Profiles which only define a service area.
  • You are using the Product feature on your Google Business Profile. This causes a conflict so you would need to remove the products from your Business Profile for the Operator Booking Module to display (see below).

How to remove products to get Operator Booking Module to display

Step 1: Click Edit products on your Google Business Profile

Step 2: Select the product you want to delete (you will need to delete all of them)

Step 3: Click on the 3 dots on the top right and select Delete from the menu