Content management and distribution

Simple yet powerful core features

Manage all of your content in one place

Consolidate all your content from multiple sources and locations, into Magpie. Always up to date, and available in the cloud. Zero development to set up, no software to download.

Comprehensive data model

Every field that an OTA or reseller could need. Over 100 fields, all built specifically for the T&A industry

  • Rich descriptive content
  • Detailed operation information

  • Image library

Update multiple products

Take the pain out of making updates across your product portfolio. Our powerful Multiple Update tool allows you to roll out changes across products in seconds.

Be up and running in minutes

Use our express import tool to bring your content from one of your existing accounts, and be up and running in 60 seconds.

Share with anyone in a couple of clicks

Magpie verified resellers program. We’ve done the hard work with finding contacts, understanding process

Instant sharing through integrations with OTAs including Tripadvisor, Expedia, GYG, etc

Foster your existing relationships. Share to your own contacts too, via email

Turn on advanced features as you grow

Create and distribute multiple content versions

Create language versions, customize content for individual resellers or seasons.

Optimize pricing with multiple rate sheets

Customize and target your pricing for different partners. Change rates for different seasons, date ranges and more.

Drive tactical sales using promotions

Powerful promotion creation and and distribution tools. Target to specific products and resellers, set booking and travel date limits.

Build relationships and improve customer service

Use announcements to communicate service disruptions, product changes, stop-sales and more to resellers.

Grow with Magpie

With free tools to save you time and improve your reach, taking control of your content and OTA distribution has never been easier.